The CIQS Maritimes Council is an chapter board that reflects the needs of quantity surveyors and construction estimators in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. The Council consists of the following positions:

• President and one Vice-President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Registrar
• Education Administrator
• Past President
• Board Members (up to 3)

For a term of two years, the President oversees the administration of CIQS Maritimes in accordance with the association’s By laws. The President is also a member ex officio of all committees.

The Vice-Presidents perform the duties required in the President’s absence. The Vice President shall be nominated and elected from amongst the members of Council for a two-year term at the CIQS Maritimes Annual General meeting.

The Secretary/Treasurer are responsible for programming and finance, while the Registrar oversees membership registration and issuing diplomas.

The Education Administer oversees the education portfolio and schedules examinations, reviews working diaries and manages the CIQS Maritimes library.